Passwords unprotected and visible after update

Why is it possible to see passwords without typing a master password?

I successfully returned to the previous version.

Did the programmer try to put as much no-goes as possible into the new version?


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This was actively requested by users who wanted to have an easier way to change their password.

Duplicate of Password not protected - #14 by SkryptX .

More information there.

I also dowgraded to 5.6.

This was actively requested…?!?

For me, this is a clear reason to go back to 5.6 due to severe password-security-failure…

Yup, see this or this

I just added a prompt for your fingerprint/device password to see the mail password. That’s also what Chrome does to show saved browser passwords.


I also just downgraded to 5.6. For me also unacceptable.