Password not protected

The code in the pull request does this:

When the eye is pressed, a check is made to see if a safe screen lock (password, pattern, fingerprint) is configured.

  • If yes, a password/pattern/fingerprint is requested before showing the password.
  • if no, the password is not shown.

This is exactly how e.g. Firefox and Chrome does when you want to see saved passwords.


Okay, thanks for your reply!
I would think that when it is programmed like that, it should be secure.:+1:t2:

I highly support this pull request and hope it is merged soon.
As security is a layered approach, protecting the password only by the lock screen should not be enough; as there is no need to keep the password visible and an additional layers of security can technically be easily established without reducing the users comfort.

It is in the latest beta release, so unless something unexpected happens, it will be released soon.

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