Notification problem with the new version

I am getting a notification problem with 5.8 where if I get several new emails, all of them generating notification correctly, but when I then go to the email client on my computer (without interacting with k-9 mail first) and open one of these new emails, I am getting notified by k-9 mail once again (with the new mail notification sound, plus the email I just opened is removed from the current notification). This didn’t happen previously with 5.6. Is there a way how to not get notified again if the email gets read in another application like it worked in the old version? Because this is really annoying. I usually use the notification from phone just to open the email on my computer while I am at the computer instead of opening it at the mobile phone…

I forgot to mentioned what system I use, so it’s a Xiaomi Pocophone F1 with the latest stock rom (MIUI 12.0.3, i.e. Android 10)

OK it seems the last update has fixed this issue, thanks!