Notification error when checking for messages

I had to re-add one of my AOL accounts due to a sudden mysterious “server authenticiation error” the other day and now I’m not receiving any notifications for this account just this:

I have checked the “missing sound” and it is present on my phone. I also tried a different notification sound but the error just pops up again. I have K9 excluded from all power saving/optimizing settings, have autosync set to always, all notifications are enabled. I even went so far as to turn off and on my phone and clear the app cache. Also I tried moving it from SD card back to the phone with no luck!

I don’t know what I could be doing wrong since my other AOL account, which has a different notification sound set to it, DOES NOT have this problem. I’m at my wit’s end here.

Can you record a debug log while the app tries to create a notification for a new message and you end up with the error notification instead? See LoggingErrors · thundernest/k-9 Wiki · GitHub

I have opened a new bug report on Github since I can only get the new mail notification to work if I set the sound to the default sound. Any other sound throws up the above error message. Very disappointed with K9.

I set the sound using my phone’s notification settings instead of setting it through the app as you suggested. It seems to be working for now. I will let you know if it stops working again. Thank you for all the help.

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If you found this thread because you’re experiencing the same issue, please check out the other half of the conversation linked below.

I spoke too soon. It gave the error notification again. I posted another log to Github. Apparently setting the sound through the phone settings menu only temporarily fixes it since I had to set the sound again.

This might be a stupid question, but have you granted K-9 media and/or file permissions?

K9 doesn’t have any storage permissions that I can see so I can’t give it permission. I have whitelisted it from any and all optimization/power saving options. I have since stopped using the settings menu within the app. It’s annoying, but if this is the only solution, then I’ll have to live with it until it’s fixed maybe in a future update. Thanks again for all the help.

It does in my phone…

My phone’s a Samsung from Verizon. I guess Samsung or Verizon doesn’t want K9 having access to storage since it’s nowhere on the list of permissions. So far it’s been behaving for now. I haven’t had to reset the sound using the phone settings menu. :crossed_fingers:

What Android version version do you use?
I have an outdated S7 with Android 8. There I cannot see file permissions, but I can see all permission which are also mentioned on Google Play for K9, and there no file permissions are requested

I’m on Pie (Android 9)

And I am on Android 13.

K-9 Mail requested the storage permission in the past. This was mainly due to many apps doing the wrong thing when sharing files. This is largely not a problem anymore. And so recent versions of K-9 Mail no longer use the storage permission.

@tchara: If you’re still using an old version of K-9 Mail, please consider that your experience can be vastly different from that of other people. You trying to help could lead to more confusion than it helps getting the problem fixed.

6.202 - It’s the latest in Play Store for me.