New version missing functions

5.8 version has no mark as read, mark as unread in the upper top right functions.
Has no check Email now button
Font re size does not work
delete at top is not in a functional place.
Loved the older version, HATE the new 5.8 version
Please fix the above problems

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You can pull down like in GMail to refresh. So the functionality is there, just not so explicit like with the button before.

However there is no pull down on the inbox of the email account
I have three emails so to refresh I have to go to three bars in top left then pull down for that email then go back to the inbox of that email. Four taps when it used to be one action of just tapping the refresh circle

New versions I thought are supposed to make it easier, not harder touse
Thank you for your efforts to make K9 better, just giving you user feed back

You can also pull down in the navigation drawer to either refresh a full account (when looking at the folders) or all accounts (when looking at the accounts).

It has. It’s the closed/opened email icon.

I can’t find this icon?
Edit: found it :slight_smile: