New Version 5.801

“When selecting an account in the drawer the auto-expand folder is now displayed right away”

It also does this when using the MRU hot-switch (or whatever the user head icons at the top of the drawer are called called) which seems like it defeats their purpose.

Why would you want selecting an account in the header of the drawer and selecting an account in the account list to behave differently?

If you want to get the 5.800 behavior set the auto-expand folder to None in all accounts.

I wasn’t sure if this was an unintended consequence. Seems like the intent for the header select was to quickly move between the three most recently used. Maybe that was not the intent.

Yes, quickly switching between accounts is the goal of the header. Selecting an account in the “most recently used” list and selecting one in the account list should behave the same. For some people switching accounts means “show me the Inbox” (auto-expand folder) and for others it means “show me the folder list”.

Ok. I would have thought in both cases minimizing touches would have been the priority. Depending on how the option is set, you sacrifice efficiency in one for the other. So I guess you get to pick your pain at least.