New UI horrible for disabled

With the UI change, I can no longer easily use my phone with just my one hand! I have to put the phone down to navigate now! This just made the app VERY difficult for people with disabilities! :frowning:

I can also no longer easily filter to just show unread or starred, which massively complicates my workflow. Please bring back the ability to:

  • see overview of multiple accounts
  • reposition toolbar actions to bottom of the screen for one handed disability use
  • allow easy viewing of only unread and or starred messages
  • long press on message for actions to perform (change back to unread or read, copy, move, archive, delete, etc)

You can still do that. The actions are in the top bar. Instead of long-pressing, you can also click the contact icon.

No, I can’t. Not without putting down my phone. I can’t REACH the actions with my thumb. If they were still on the bottom, it would be difficult, but at least possible.

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I must agree. The repositioning of all critical message controls like forward, back, delete, and so forth up at the top of the phone’s screen makes using the app one-handed a near-impossibility unless someone has a device with a very small screen.

I recall the joy of being able to breeze through messages one-handed and now that is absolutely not possible. Please please give users the option to have all of these controls as seen in the attached screenshot down at the bottom of their phone’s screen at all times.