New email LED light notification persists although email was read from another client (Thunderbird)

Hello Team K-9,

as in the title, the LED on the phone continues to blink, although the received email was already read from another client, Thunderbird in this case. And this email remains highlighted as “unread” in K-9.

On the other hand, if the new email was read on K-9, the state of the email in Thunderbird changes to “read”, and the notification in Thunderbird disappears.

So the actualization of the state of the new email is working only in one direction: Thunderbird -> K-9.

Any other user experiencing this behavior too? Thanks, Elie

Edit: After further testing here is the result.

Gapps are not installed on the phone, so the folders are updated with the frequency set in the settings, in this case 15min. With this, opening new emails in Thunderbird will have a sync delay of, in worst case, 15 minutes.

This is exactly what happened. Read a new email in Thunderbird, waited for the K9 notification on the phone to disappear after max 15 minutes.

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