Multiple notifications but no unread messages in Beta

Beta version on Android 11

I get a notification each time a coverd folder is polled, whether or not there are unread messages.

I have 3 mail accounts set up, each with more than one 1st class folder and polling is set to poll 1st class folders every 15 minutes. (Push/idle is gone in the beta. I miss that) anyway every 25 minutes I get one notification for each polled folder on each account, regardless of whether there’s any new unread messages . Makes notifications essentially useless.

And what text does the notification contain if there’s no new message? Can you provide a screenshot?

Audio notification only. Nothing to screenshot.

There are no audio-only notifications in K-9 Mail (I doubt the notification system even supports that). There is the option of showing sync notifications, i.e. a notification that is displayed while checking for new messages. However, they are silent by default. If they do make a sound chances are you’ve changed the notification settings for the “Miscellaneous” group (or your Android version does non-Standard things).

You can disable sync notifications under Settings > [Account] > Notifications > Sync notifications.

Yup. ThIt’s that was it! Thanks.

BTW is there any way to bring back the ability to show separate in boxes
for each account on one screen? The choices now seem to be either
Unified or one at a time

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