'Move to folder' out of menu?

Hi all,

I have used ‘Settings > General Settings > Display > Visible message actions’ to show the Move (and Delete) functions. Personally, these are my overwhelmingly most-used actions after reading a message.

However the Move action remains in the three-vertical-dot menu (so, an extra tap every time) even if I disable Delete (so Move would in theory fit in its place in the visible bar) and despite having room for both Delete and Move buttons, same in landscape mode with plenty of space, etc. S10 so not a ‘tiny’ screen.

I therefore presume this is the way it is, but could a dev confirm and/or anyone else confirm otherwise?

If the default behaviour is for Move to always stay in the three dot menu, may I submit a humble request for an option to become permanently visible when viewing messages? Appreciate it would slightly ‘clutter’ a screen of someone who doesn’t use it, but then it can just be turned off. However I feel like quite a few people might read and then file a message if no reply/action needed?

Many thanks!


+1 Me to :slight_smile:

I have the same issue, I enable “Move” (as well as Delete) in “Visible message actions” but only Delete and Mark Unread appears?

Copy and Spam do also not appear when selected.

Archive does appear.


I also seem to get different options depending on if I am in folder view with a message selected, vs inside a message - see attached.

I am not sure what the additional icon does, but it is not move :slight_smile:


The third one (with the arrow) is Archive, which I personally don’t use… seems you don’t either. :slight_smile:


The developer seems active now, but no feedback here. Anyway to formally raise this as a bug?


+1 for the move icon in the top menu please!!!

Archive is such a useless Gmail function, k9 don’t try to be Gmail🤣

I also never use the archive icon, but use move all the time. Could it at least be an option to display move?
When select a message the move icon displays on one of my tablets, but not on a slightly narrower one (galaxy tab a7), even though there is still plenty of room for it.


I totally agree.

Move and delete are one of the most used functions I use.

A Swipe-to-delete/move function in the list overview like it is in Gmail would be great aswell!

Please can anyone make this possible?

+2. Move doesn’t seem to work with visible message actions.