Message text not displayed

I’d like to report it as a bug: Some days ago K9 stopped to show the text of mails received.

Google found a solution at least 2 years old: to switch of bluetooth and reboot the android phone.

For no explicable reason this worked.

Is it a bug or is it a feature?
Thank you, Clemens

K-9 Mail doesn’t check the bluetooth state to decide whether to display a message.

It feels very unlikely that turning off bluetooth has any effect on this. It’s more likely that somehow the WebView component on your device (that K-9 Mail uses to display the message body) stops working and a reboot will fix the issue, at least for a while. Make sure you’re running the latest Android version available for your device and contact your device vendor if this problem persists.

I fully agree. This happened to me this week on a Samsung tablet with Android 10. Blank pages reading mail, blank pages with some Apps. A reboot resolved the problem. I seem to remember that there was a WebView update shortly before this happened.