Message storage location

After going back to 5.6 after the 5.8 release, I decided to try 6.2. I down loaded the apk from github thinking that if I don’t update from play store that I could have 5.6 and 6.2 at the same time. Sadly I was mistaken and 6.2 overwrote 5.6. But the good news is that 6.2 looks like it came a long way from 5.8 and it may just be something I can use going forward if I can figure out this one thing.

5.6 had the option on an individual account basis to store messages on the external SD card. I have very little internal memory left but over 200gb free on my SD card so that was a great option. Also, since it was selectable by account, I could decide which accounts would prioritize security and keep those messages in internal memory and which accounts I wanted to keep large amounts of archived messages in the SD card external memory.

I’ve searched everywhere I can think of to find a storage location option in the settings but I can’t find it. Can someone help me find the option? And if an option isn’t available, where does K9 store messages?


See Database storage · Issue #863 · thundernest/k-9 · GitHub

Got it, thanks. So it didn’t work in 5.6 even though it had the option. That thread is several years and several major versions of Android old. Maybe newer versions, like 9 and higher, have worked out SD storage access much better than Android 4 or 5 or whatever was current when k9 5.6 was released.

It could be worth looking at again because it sure would be a useful feature.