Mark several messages to delete / new UI

I used k-9 for half an eternity and could mark several incoming mails in one account by simply swiping the first and tapping the others in a short time in order to delete them - e.g. mails that are recognized as ad-mails due to their sender or reference.

Now this feature is gone. Independent from the swiping direction, the swiped mail is opened.

Now I have to tap and hold the first mail and count 1…, 2…, 3… before the mail is marked. If I hold it too short, the mail is opened and I have to start new. During the time I now need to mark the first mail I was able to mark and delete 4 or 5 mails within the old UI.

Who the hell did remove this feature of quickly marking mails by swiping and replaced it for a tap and longtime-hold…?

How can I get back to the app’s time-saving and reliable behaviour of marking mails?


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To select the first mail, you can also short-tap the contact icon. For all additional mails you can always use short-tap.

Contact Icons are not displayed, because they only occupy displayspace without any additional information and use. Wo needs those big letters trat only reduce room for mailinformation?