Latest version: Didn't move the copy?


First time user here on the forums. I just created an account because I am having an issue with K9.

I use Fastmail with my domain

I went into settings and set my folder prefs:

Archives is:
Archives ( the one listed as a default folder at Fastmail)


When holding down on a email until its selected and hitting the archive button the email dissapears from the K9 inbox, but when you go to the email shows both in the inbox and in my archives folder?

I had to manually delete the email from the inbox and then check to see if the email was still in archives folder, and it was.

How do we make K9 actually move the email to the specified folder, instead of I guess copying it?

As of right now, I’ve downgraded back to 5.6 because of that problem. Well that, and I don’t care for the unified view.