K9 Mail does send but not receive

I installed the app several times new. But it doesn’t work correctly.
Sending is ok. But it is not receiving. The folder are not shown correctly, too. Only the inobx and the sent folders are shown.
The server settings are done like vodafonemail suggests them.
Any idea??

Kind regards

Sounds like you are using POP3. That access method does not support folders. I’m pretty sure vodafone also supports IMAP. Try entering the IMAP server settings.

Sorry - I’m using IMAP.

In that case, please provide the following settings information for your IMAP/“fetching mail” setup:

– server settings:
    server name
    authentication [type]

Also, when you select the “Next” at the bottom of the incoming server setup page what happens?

I made the setting as suggested by vodafonemail kable clients. When finishing the settings, there is no error message.

Serverdaten für Ihren IMAP-Abruf ###### SSL / TLS-Port

Posteingangsserver IMAP: imap.vodafonemail.de 993 / 143
Postausgangsserver SMTP: smtp.vodafonemail.de 465 / 587

Please show the values - asked for above - as you have them entered on your “incoming server” settings page.

maybe my english is not good enough, i thought this was what you asked for?
incoming server: imap.vodafone.de, Port 993, encryption method: SSL/TLS, password normal activated, automatically determine imap namespace activated
outgoing server: smtp.vodafone.de, Port 465, encryption method: SSL/TLS, registration necessary activated.

selecting “NEXT” shows the site shown before selecting incoming server