K9 consistently crashing when opening any e-mail or trying to write one

K9 (version 6.202) on my Realme 7 Pro is consistently crashing when I either try to open any e-mail (this holds for read and unread e-mails) or try to start writing one.

I tried enabling debugging and exporting the log. the line that to me looks like it’s reporting an error looks like:

date some number twice E BLASTBufferQueue: BLASTBufferItemConsumer::onDisconnect()
I’m guessing this is the error message because of the capitalized E as the first alpha character in line (other lines have a V, D or I in that place).

Does anyone have a suggestion on what I should do?

Thanks in advance

Crashes contain dozens of lines starting with “at”. Crashes when opening sound like you disabled the AndroidSystemWebView app


Thank you very much, that solved the issue.

Great to hear!
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