K-9 Mail sometimes stucks inside retrieving email

Hello. I use K-9 Mail since many years. What I still experience from time to time is:

The spinning arrows in my Android 8 status bar are rotating and do not disappear after a short moment. This is combined with a heating up phone.

Sometimes it helps to turn WiFi off and on (so I enforce switching to a different Internet connection), but sometimes this does not help.
It also helps sometimes to terminate all apps, but this also helps only sometimes.

Finally I have to restart the entire phone, otherwise the phone gets really hot and drains battery.

I am pretty sure this is caused by K-9 Mail itself, all other things still work.

Not sure if I have the same problem but I rebooted and yesterday at 4:30 Pacific Time USA is stop downloading email I don’t know why this happens occasionally but I’m hoping the developer can send out a fix I would greatly appreciate… I’m using a Verizon grandfathered in password into AOL not sure if that’s the problem but it’s been working great for many years

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I would highly recommend that the developer adds some timeout (if possible in a way that I can adjust it by myself between a few seconds and 1-2 minutes).

When timeout expires, K-9 Mail should do a disconnect + pause + reconnect.
I would also appreciate if there would be an option to pull down the status bar and there find an entry to disconnect K-9 mail as long as it is connected…

I am using K-9 mail to connect to my own mail server (in my office). I also use relatively simple connection as I do this through a VPN tunnel opened before. (The VPN does the security, not K-9 mail)

I’m having the same problem since approximately the same time yesterday. Error messages tell me that my password and username are incorrect. They haven’t changed and the same ones are working just fine with Outlook on my laptop.

Same legacy Verizon to AOL account. I was hoping that it would resolve by this morning, but nothing and I can’t see how I might fix it.

@rainerhantsch @Gary_Leonardo @Melisande Welcome to the forum.

Sometimes Android has a problem with synchronisation handling, especially when the connection is instable or switches between mobile and WiFi at “inconvenient” times. The synchronisation intent then gets stuck in a “something is happening” state even though nothing is being transmitted.

You could try switching to aeroplane mode and then back to online. Also, disabling and re-enabling synchronisation in the Android settings can help (I have an Automate flow for that).

@rainerhantsch: To have a closer look at what K-9 Mail is doing in the background enable debug logging and grab the debug log from the device. See LoggingErrors · k9mail/k-9 Wiki · GitHub

If you’re using a recent beta version of K-9 Mail (5.9xx) you can export the debug log without connecting the Android device to a PC. For this go to Settings → General settings → Debugging then select Export logs from the menu.