K-9 mail not working in AOSP 11?

Hello, I joined the forum, because I am having a strange problem. I am trying to upgrade from Android 10 to 11. So, I installed “k9_37015.apk” downloaded from Fdroid, and I setup my email account (pop). I can receive mails, but I don’t see the contents (no text, no images) of my mails. I click on Download complete message and Show remote message, but still I see nothing. Very strange! I tried with another Android 11 rom, but have the same problem. Maybe something is not compatible?

Make sure that the “Android System WebView” app is updated and that you restart your phone after updating it.


Thank you.
I tried to find a way to update Android System Webview. In apps, Android System Webview has only “Disable” and “Force stop” (no update button). So, I went to playstore, but Webview was not listed for un update. Still, I downloaded and tested Webview Dev and Webview Canary. With either, it is a little better. I see the contents of some mails. I don’t see the contents of some other mails. Is there a better way to update Webview? Anyway, I now know my problem is related to Webview. This is a step forward!! I will continue in this direction.

So nce you are using an AOSP build, why not just include a newer Webview source than what is included in v11?

I have tried to install newer versions of System webview, but they did not work. Finally, while searching for a way to update webview, I came across a magisk module called “open-webview.zip”. So, I flashed this module with Magisk, and now I see the contents of all my mails. So, my problem is solved!!
Without your idea, I would not have found this solution. Thank you.