K-9 Mail doesn't detect my country's Outlook mail domain automatically

Hey everyone, I’m new to K-9 and I’ve been enjoying it so far.

Initially I was only using a Gmail account, it was super easy to setup, but today I tried to add my Outlook/Microsoft account and the app goes directly to a setting IMAP/POP3 screen, instead of the easy authorization setup one.

I’ve noticed this happens when using my new "@outlook.com .br " (which is a option when editing my domain address in my country). I did use a “@outlook.com” mail before, but after checking Have I Been Pwned my mail got leaked and according to Microsoft security page, there’s been too many login attempts from around the world, that’s why I would like to use this new address, and get rid of the old one.

Don’t worry it’s not the same username that got leaked with a “.br” at the end. :joy:

So, my question is: Is there a way for K-9 to detect “@outlook.com.br” as “@outlook.com”? If not, I would like to suggest as a feature.

Best Regards :ghost: