K-9 Mail crashes when opening mail

As the title says, the app is shutting itself down when I ask it to open certain messages. There is no discernable pattern to when it will do so. One second I’m opening a message, the next I’m staring at my home screen. I would appreciate getting this fixed, so I don’t have to keep going elsewhere just to read one message.


Details matter. Device, Android version, K-9 version. And of course a log :wink:

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Follow the link I gave you, it tells you exactly how to get the log :wink:

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Why not just share it to something like pastebin.com and then post the link here? Or upload it to your Google drive or any other filehoster :wink:

F*** GOOGLE! I will NEVER use them.

I don’t have an account with any of those other services you mentioned, and I am not familiar with how to share files through them. I’ll try, but it’s starting to seem like trying to get help is more trouble than it’s worth.

Hmm, apparently one cannot download the file without an account. Could you please post it on pastebin? That’s a very simple service that doesn’t need an account

I tried that, and no, I cannot upload it there.

It was not a simple service.

Not helpful! Variations of something that I have already said I am unable to do are not going to help!

This is typical, asking for help never gets me any help, just more problems. Just forget it.

go to https://paste.mozilla.org/
Select dropdown of type as Plain Text
Select expiration time, e.g. one day or longer
Paste the log into the edit field
Click button “Paste Snippet”

Now a new screen should occur
Copy link named “Raw” and post it here.

I never used it before, so please bear with me when not 100% correct