K-9 Mail crashes when I click "Download Complete Message"

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2017) SM-T380
Android Ver 9 - One UI 1.1
K-9 Mail ver 5.804 and 5.806 and maybe before.

I receive a fair number of emails that have the SHOW PICTURES Button and/or the DOWNLOAD COMPLETE MESSAGE Button. When I click the Show Pictures, it does just that. When I click the Download Complete Message, about half the time it works fine and half the time it crashes. The emails are coming from different sources.

On my other device:
Moto G Power (2021)
Android Ver. 10
K-9 Mail ver. 5.806
K-9 has no problem opening the same emails.

Is this a problem with Android 9?

Have a similar situation. Not pushed the complete message button, tried to see a PDF attachment, it starts downloading, but it hangs at above 50 %

After pushing Complete Message the repeated download stucks at 0 % :frowning: