K-9 loses all (IMAP) Email accounts K-9 Mail V. 5.727

It is now for the second time that all IMAP email accounts, are no longer present. I don’t know wether the accounts on the mobile phone are deleted or K-9 does not find the data. The fact is, K-9 is like the first installation, and I have to set up everything again. What shall I do, so I don’t have to set up the accounts again every 3 weeks ?

My mobile phone is a Huawei P10 lite with Andorid 8.0 (WAS-LX1A) and
K-9 Mail V. 5.727

Thanks for your support.

That’s a bit worrying! I’ve never experienced this issue. I’d recommend backing up all your settings… Settings > Export settings > Tick everything > Click “Export”. If it happens again, you should just be able to import this backup file.

Incidentally, I’ve checked and I’m running v5.734. See if you can update to the latest version.

Thank you for your answer.
I will test v5.734 and report if the version works.