K-9 5.8000 where did everything go?

  1. How do I forward mail?
  2. How do a change email back to unread status.

A lot of features seem to have disappeared. Is there some setting that will get these features back?

ps - on a Pixel 3

To forward mail:

  • open message
    • three vertical dots upper-right
      • send
        • you’ll see reply/forward/etc. options

To change a message back to unread:

  • on message list
    • (long-)press message to select
      • select closed envelope icon top-rightish
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Thanks for the info. The options weren’t obvious to me. Perhaps the install might have pointed at a FAQ that had a mapping from old to new!

I received his update in Thunderbird on my Windows box and replied to it but the reply was rejected with the message “We’re sorry, but your email message to [“noreply@forum.k9mail.app”] (titled Re: [K-9 Mail Forum] K-9 5.8000 where did everything go?) didn’t work.” It looks like Thunderbird didn’t pick up the Reply-To. Apparently, I needed to hit the “Reply-List” option. Doh!

Where is the option to delete local messages? This was an option on each folder.

When an account (and it’s mailboxes) are displayed, select the “manage folders” option at the bottom. Then, select a mailbox/folder and then the three vertical dots - upper right. You should get a “clear local messages” dialog.

This is no use - takes far too long to have to go through all folders. I like to be able to clear out all messages on an account on some devices occasionally. the clear messages on long press of the account name was an invaluable feature.

This update has caused me to look for other email apps. I had enjoyed K-9 mail for a long time, but this new version has taken away everything I loved about it. I liked being able to just see unread messages, and being able to select them all and delete.
The menu bar should be back at the bottom. Why would you move it to the top.
Sorry to see the original version go, so I will definitely be going to another email app.


Is there anyway to get the check boxes on the left back? Tapping boxes is so much more efficient than pressing and holding each and every message I want to select. I can’t imagine what they were thinking taking that away. If there really is no option to get that back, I’ll need to day good by to k9.

You can also click the contact icon

When one message is already selected, more messages can be selected by short-pressing anywhere on the message

There is a use to deleting locally cashed messages. Over time, those pile up. It’s especially true for the trash and archive folders.

Is the new policy never to clear local files? If so, I’ll have thousands in local storage before long. Already at 700+.