Individual ringtones

I use several email accounts. Where can I set in version 5800 individual ringtones?

A lot has changed since the update to 5800 and I am also totally dissatisfied. Above all, I can’t find anything to assign an individual ringtone to each mail account. Has that been rationalized away or where can you find it now?

I have now managed to create an individual tone with an account (gmail). You have to go to “Settings” in the list of accounts. Then select the respective account. Then on “Notifications” at the bottom of “Notification Settings”. Now select the respective account again on “Miscellaneous”. Now tap “Important”. Then click on “Advanced”. Now on “sound”. I have set the desired ringtone for each of my 3 mail accounts. But as I said, it only works with the G-Mail account. With the other two, only the standard tone is used. By the way, I use Androis 11.

I have now got my desired ringtone for my gmx account. The curious thing about it … instead of from the internal memory (own ring tones), I simply took a ring tone from the original list. Now it is not this tone from the original list that rings, but the one I want from my personal list. :joy: Strange everything. What still doesn’t work is freenet. No matter which ringtone I choose, the standard tone always comes out.