Individual Folder view-missing New Emails

There are two main views: Individual Folder view and Unified view. I prefer Iindividual Folder view because my various email addresses are categorized by use, such as: Personal, Business, Medical, Technical, etc.

In K9 v.5.600, Individual Folder view always displays the number of new emails in the In-box for each email address. However in v.5.726, in Individual Folder view the number of new emails is blank or missing. Is this a bug, or something to be fixed, or the “new normal”? I would like to update permanently to the newer versions but seeing ‘the number of new emails in the In-box’ is a crucial feature for me. If it is NOT going to be fixed, please advise.


Almost same thing here, k9 v. 5.733 on LineageOS 18.1.
It is a new installation,
I have two mail accounts, first one is fine, second is missing the inbox and the unified inbox doesn’t show the mails. I can read the newly arrived mails, but I can not get back to them. I have earlier had K9 on LineageOS, which worked perfect.
Maybe it is already about to be fixed?
Thanks from here too