Inbox folder size out of control

I have an inbox set for 1000 messages. At last check It is over 20,000 messages. It is an account accessed via POP. This was not a problem with earlier versions. In addition I have 4 accounts that I check and have the same issues with all.

I have set the “Local Folder Size” to different message counts and refreshed frequently, to no avail. My reasons for using POP and not IMAP are not the issue here. I am just looking for a way to fix a problem that was not a problem previously.

Thank you

Hi fellow members,
I have the same issue as tweiner. Currently I am at ‘only’ 5,000 messages, but since the last big update this has been slowing down my inbox tremendously. It takes K9 a minute or more to open the folder - and this basically happens almost every time I open or switch to the app.
Is there anything that could be done?
Thank you guys!

If asking what you as the user can do specifically: You could create a few subfolders and sort your inbox…

I have about 20,000 mails Ind my inbox, however sorted into 12 subfolders.

Hi all, similar to tweiner, my Inbox is continously growing (since July 2021). Before that date, the Inbox would only show the number of mails as selected in the settings of “Receive mails”. It seems, that in July 21 a version of K9 was introduced, which lets you select the number of mails to be downloaded (via POP), but will not delete older mails after the threshold has been reached.
What is the correct way to have this investigated (and hopefully fixed)?
Currently I am manually deleting ~200 mails a day, to keep the Inbox from growing any further…
Many thanks in advance!