In-Reply-To header not set?

I’m using K9 to reply to mailing lists and just noticed my replies are displayed as separated threads and don’t go to the right thread.

Below is an example link which I click, notice it contains an “in-reply-to” message id:


Apparently K9 does not handle this. Am I correct? Does K9 support In-Reply-To header in general? In no, I’ll work on a patch.


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K-9 Mail only supports setting a handful of header fields from a mailto: URI. In-Reply-To is currently not among them. But I see no harm in adding support for it.

If you want to submit a patch have a look at MessageCompose.initializeFromMailto(). You’ll also have to modify the MailTo class to add support for In-Reply-To.

K-9 Mail will properly set In-Reply-To and References when replying to a message from inside the app.


Thanks for the quick reply. As soon as my hands touch a keyboard in my free time I’ll send a patch for the in-reply-to (and subject if not already covered).

Nice! Happy with you cketti !

Here is my PR: Implement partial in-reply-to according to rfc5322. by mehdisadeghi · Pull Request #5194 · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub.