Improve switching between mail accounts in beta

I’ve been a happy K-9 Mail user for many years and found out about the beta version yesterday. I like the new design with the lateral menu for switching between mailboxes and accounts, but I would like to make a few suggestions that I think would improve usability for switching between accounts:

  1. I noticed that the top of the lateral menu shows at most three account icons even if more accounts are configured and although there would be space for more icons in that line and maybe even for a second line. So, my suggestion would be to put more account icons there as long as there is space.
  2. It is confusing for me that the account icons change positions whenever the accounts are being switched. I find myself rather using the dropdown menu for switching accounts instead of the icons, because my brain wants to memorize the icons by position rather than by color only. So, I’d find it more intuitive if the icons were always kept in the same order as the accounts are in the dropdown list with the currently selected account being emphasized as it is now, but in-place rather than being moved to the left.
  3. It would be nice if a custom icon or avatar could be configured for each account, which would also make switching more intuitive even if the icons change position.
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K-9 uses the avatar from your phone’s contacts list

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Ah, thanks for that hint. I hadn’t noticed that, because only one of the mail accounts I have configured in K-9 was actually in my contacts list and that entry didn’t have an avatar.

But what do you think about my other suggestions?