IMAP subscriptions

Please, could you add IMAP subscriptions to K9mail.

I have a lot of folders, especially archives per year. The other IMAP clients I use are natively supporting IMAP subscriptions and therefore, display only a subset of them. On the other hand, K9mail displays all the folders. This make the application slightly less convenient.

Thanks for this.

I’m not sure I’m understanding this correctly, but are you talking about subfolders? If so then simply select “only 1st class folders” for Poll and/or Push under the account settings - fetching mail.

No, I am talking about IMAP subscription support.

Go to Settings → [Your Account] → Fetching mail → Incoming server and enable Show only subscribed folders. Afterwards you will probably have to manually refresh the folder list (in the Manage folders screen select Refresh folder list from the menu).

Sorry to necro this, but there’s still a problem: it doesn’t seem to be possible to subscribe or unsubscribe from folders.

I unsubscribed folders using Thunderbird on the desktop instead, this carries over to K-9. But isn’t it an oversight to lack subscription support in an IMAP client? At least I can’t seem to find the function anywhere. The documentation never even mentions folder subscriptions.

Is it not possible to sub/unsub using K-9 itself?