Imap-Notification dont work when in background


IMAP-notifications dont work when k9mail is operating in the background mode. I also have the push-notification in the status bar enabled.
Due to the fact that i am using MIUI 12.5, i have diabled all possible battery saving options (according to The older v5.600 works fine with the same settings.

Dontkillmyapp is right, MIUI is a terrible shell which is why I flashed a LineageOS ROM on my phone to finally enjoy it.

That said, I remember making several adjustments to MIUI’s battery optimizer to ensure that K9 would work in the background. Have you enabled Autostart as well ?


yes Autostart is enabled. In the app statistics i also cant see any active background time. I really dont know why it was working with the old version without any problems but not with the new version.