IMAP Folder disappeared


I’m on K9 version 5.802, installed from Google Play. Today, I changed the Display Class of a folder from “Keine Klasse/No Class” to “Nebenklasse/Subordinate(?) Class”, and after that, the folder disappeared from the folder list.
No matter what I tried, I was not able to get it back to being displayed. I tried to

  • Refresh the folder list
  • Killed the app, restarted it, refreshed the folder list again
  • Cleared the app cache

But none of those actions brought the folder back.

It is actually there, being displayed on another Android device and with on my laptop with Thunderbird.

Any other idea how to bring back the folder?


In the Manage folders (Ordner verwalten) screen you can configure which folders to display by opening the menu, selecting Show folders… (Ordner) and then selecting a value, e.g. All folders (Alle Ordner anzeigen).

Very well, thanks a lot.

BTW: The reason why I changed the class is that I was not able to download messages in that folder. The folder is shown empty, but the button “Download 25 more messages” does not make any messages show up, but there are definitely messages in there.
Changing the folder class did not change anything about this behavior.

Ummm… Now that I pressed that “show 25 more messages” for the 5th or 6th time, it suddenly worked. Very strange…