Hugh problems with inbox since last update


since the last big update I have hugh problems with K9. After starting the app it shows my the shared (?) inbox (don’t know how its called in English) but the overview is empty. It needs 25 seconds until I can see my mails.
If I change from Shared Inbox via Hamburger menu to the Inbox (the only one I have) it needs 10 seconds until I can see my mails.

It looks like K9 had to pull all my mails every time again and did not create a Cache or something like that.

I REALLY need a solution for this. To wait 10-25 secs to see existing mails is very annoying.

Kind Regards,

This is usually caused by the fact that some phones are very slow in accessing the contact list. Try disabling the setting “Show name from contacts app”.


Worked for me. You are my hero :heart_eyes: