How to view the account settings?

I’ve just installed the latest version of K9 to a second device. I followed the wizard and was able to access my IMAP mailbox. How can I view the settings to check or make some changes? I can’t find them anywhere.

The latest version is different on each device but I assume you are on the stable channel. (In general, saying “latest version” in bug reports for any app is usually not helpful because updates are rolled out randomly to users).

Open the side bar and press “settings”

The version is 5.806.

I had already looked in settings, but couldn’t find it. It’s not very intuitive, now that I have.

For anyone else with the same problem, the actual instructions are:

  • Menu > Settings > Accounts (click on your email address)
  • Fetching mail > Incoming server

  • Menu > Settings > Accounts (click on your email address)
  • Sending mail > Outgoing Server