How to sort by read/unread for inbox display?

Since K9 decided to update everyone to version 5.8, whether we wanted it or not, how about giving us a few of the “good” features of previous versions back? I depended on the Unified Inbox to allow me to select which of my 5 accounts I wanted to revue. Then, in the “Folder View”, I had a choice of “read”, “unread”, and “starred” to pick from. I could then display ONLY my Unread messages. I could then open the ones I wanted to read, resort the folder, and MASS DELETE all of the (up to 200 per day) UNWANTED E-mails with only about 3 button pushes (Select All, Delete, Yes). Having to select INDIVIDUAL spams 200 times a day is NOT AN OPTION. Please give us back our Unified Inbox and display sorting buttons?

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