How to search a recipient address?

I use a catchall domain so my inbox is filled with emails to various senders (,, etc.).

When I enter a recipient email in the search box, it only finds emails in which said email address appears in the body.

Is there some keyword or trick I should use to find all emails sent to a particular recipient address?


Nobody else searching by recipient? :slight_smile:

Yes, unfortunately this is not working for both, sender and recipient. I would vote for that feature

Yes, I miss this option too. Feature request!

Still nothing on this?

Check this:

Thank you for your reply.
I saw this message. I think he meant limiting a search to certain portions of an email (e.g.: search in subject only).
My question is about searching for something anywhere. It seems that K9 only looks into the message body and subject when you use the search function. Unfortunately, I have many messages where the recipient address does not appear in the body text of messages, so they are not returned.

Try the new 6.500 release, 1 of the changes: “Search now also considers recipient addresses” :slightly_smiling_face: