How to get new mail

I’m only dealing with one email account and my needs are very simple. On the old interface I have it set up so that fetching mail is only when I want to get mail, it’s not set up to download the mail every one minute or two minutes or whatever. If I want to get mail I click on this circular arrow thing at the bottom of the screen which gets the mail that’s available on the server right now but this circular arrow thing is no longer there so how am I supposed to get the mail? I sent myself a test message about 20 minutes ago and it still didn’t show up as if it would be pushed to the list. This is the only thing that I’m missing from the old one that I really would like back

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Simply swipe down from the account overview or the account itself.

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OK, thanks, that solved the problem.

This is very bad news, not all people are so clever, do it as it was, or if it’s important for you, add the option to show buttons at the bottom of the screen in the settings

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I agree that getting rid of the bottom bar might not have been the best idea, given the current trends of screen going larger and larger.
At the same time, swiping down is not that difficult to figure out for most people

I did it intuitively without even realising it had been changed. And the reason for that is that it is pretty much now the standard way in apps to update a feed: Reddit, Feedly and even the Google Discover page all use the same gesture.

Gestures are now intended to be the main way to navigate android, K9 developers should be praised here for removing unnecessary buttons, increasing the amount of useful content that can be shown on the screen, and adding intuitive gestures that match similar apps.


Hmm, the buttons might come back in the next release because quite a few users don’t seem to discover the pull-down gesture. See Button bar in navigation drawer by ByteHamster · Pull Request #5498 · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub

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Honestly, I am slightly perplexed that this is an issue ( although it’s great to see that users are being listened to).

As I said it’s something that is super intuitive to me. I’ve started to take note of the apps I use that use a pull down as a refresh/update. I can add to the list hotukdeals, eBay, onedrive, Dropbox, gSam Battery Monitor, Alexa…


It makes sense to pull down from the inbox to refresh it, but pulling down from the side menu is not that common, which is why the new button is not to refresh a single inbox, but all in one tap :slight_smile:

The new button has the same behavior as pull-to-refresh. When looking at the account list, it refreshes all. Otherwise, just one account. The icon changes slightly to reflect that.

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Oh, I thought that the new button only worked for the side panel. Well, its fine I guess