How to compress accounts in K9-v.5.9?

In version 5.600 of K9 you can compress the respective account, which works fine on my Faiphone3 with Android 10 (eOs). In the latest version 5.914 I look for this function in vain.

Here in the forum I found only this entry about it:

However, no help !

What to do ?

Maybe you are looking for
Manage folders / / 3dot menu / Clear local messages

This should delete all local messages and you can fetch latest messages again.

Not sure if this what compress did.

Thank you for the quick answer.
As already described in the article above ( 'compress account' not working ) - despite complete deletion of the mails - the respective account gets bigger and bigger over time - “blown up”, so to speak. Therefore there is in the version 5.600 the possibility to COMPRESS the desired account together with its folders: → Account → Folder → 3dot Menu (the three points right down) → Compress account.
I can’t find this function in the latest version of K9 so far.
Where can I find this function? Or does it not exist anymore?

In the corresponding mail program “Thunderbird” for Windows and Linux there is also such a function: → File → Account → Compact Folders

I was out of town and hoped to find an answer when I returned. Unfortunately no. It would be very nice and helpful if my request was answered . . . .

Unfortunately, no one here in this forum seems to feel obliged to answer my rather simple question. That is sad and disappointing.

Considering there is only one payed developer, the rest of the people here are users like you. They ask questions and some volunteer their spare time to answer other users’ questions. No obligations unless you are willing to pay for support staff.

I don’t thing the compression option survived beyond version 5.600. You could purge messages and then re-synchronise the account. The effect is the same.

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This approach is not 100% the same as mails you have a local copy only will be deleted locally and cannot be synched back from mail server.

@tchara, @stphn:
Thanks for the news and information! If I delete all local messages regularly, the size of the app on my smartphone is fine. In this respect I think that my problem is solved, for which I would like to thank you very much.

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