How do I change my typing mistake in my account setup?

I’ve been using K9 happily for a long time. Work just gave me a new phone, which I had to set up. I put K-9 on it and re-created my account. It appears to send and receive email successfully. However, I just noticed that I typed something incorrectly; I’m not sure what, nor how to correct it.

Under Settings, I see 2 accounts listed (as it should be.) One account name is Bmail-binghamton, which also is correct. But in smaller, non-boldface type below it, I see my email address as, whereas it should be One letter off.

When I send a message from K-9 to another account and check it on my computer, ninghamton appears in two places in the headers (***** represents redacted info):

From: ******* <*****>
X-Google-Original-From: ******** <******>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 16:58:16 -0400
To: ********************
Subject: Test
User-Agent: K-9 Mail for Android
Message-ID: <>

How do I change it? Again, I don’t even know what part of my account set up that is. Sending and receiving still work.


Account Settings → Sending Mail → Composition Defaults → E-Mail Address

Or it could be the account name in the account seztings. Of that account.

Eureka! That’s it. Did the trick. Thanks!

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