How do I 100% mute the app?

I don’t sant a sound on new email notifications. I tried to set the quiet time from 7:01 a.m. to 7 a.m. it didn’t work how do I mute the new update of this otherwise excellent app thank you

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You could do it using the system notification settings. Settings » Account » Notifications » Notification settings. Then click the channels (the text, not the checkbox) and select “silent”.

Tried it. Doesn’t help. Thanks

Did you modify all the channels or just some?

Thanks ByteHamster - ok - i figured this out - in the System notifications menu, if I hold down one of the “channel” rows (Messages, Miscellaneous) I get a sub-menu. However, I tried first to leave Alert on and set the sound to silent (clever?) - result was I completely lost all notifications. However, if I did what you said and set to Silent for “messages” and “miscellaneous”. I think I’m now getting the desired behavior. Thanks!

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