How can I correctly identify my IMAP/SMTP server when adding mailboxes?

I use the post office service provided by mxroute.

So far what I’ve done

  1. Parse two records at MX 10 and 20 levels
  2. Added SPF txt record
  3. Add the DKIM1 record of x._domainkey.

When adding a domain mailbox, it cannot correctly identify the server address of my mxroute.
Given is

I can only add mailboxes by manual modification.

Is there any easy way to achieve my purpose?

  • search​:jack_o_lantern:fox.:jack_o_lantern:org/comm-central/rev/f1c212acd8e3c3c2d1f5e2d442bb66e1407243b5/mail/components/accountcreation/FetchConfig.jsm#94-154
  • mo​:jack_o_lantern:zilla.:jack_o_lantern:org/Thunderbird:Autoconfiguration:ConfigFileFormat

I searched for these, but I can’t read them.
It’s probably going to fetch configuration from an autoconfig.MY-DOMAIN🎃.com?
But GMAIL does not have this configuration?( is DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN) How does it do it?

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