Header (extended letterhead) detectable (readable) in k9?

Hello at K9 Support!

I commonly forward all spam and worse mails to some institution concerned with spam control. (Unfortunately my email providers do not offer such services.)

The police of Lower Saxony, Germany offers among other institutions the possibility to do so.

They ask to forward the spam uncommented. Only quoting the original header (extended letterhead) of the spam sender is welcomed!

Can I make out this ‘original header (extended letterhead)’ within the the K9 mail-app?

Below I included the pertaining link and explanation given by the police of Lower Saxony.

Thank You so much for Your kind help!
Best wishes Stefan B.


translation by deepl.com !
"… Instructions for forwarding your spam to us
The police of Lower Saxony, Germany offers you a service in the field of cybercrime. Every internet user who receives suspicious/fraudulent spam mails that may also contain malware can help to inform the police about it (NO REPORTING!).

Simply forward the suspicious mail uncommented and without any changes to the mail address


However, if you can read the original header (extended letterhead), you are welcome to add it to the mail. …"

I don’t know what an “extended letterhead” is supposed to be.

You should probably use the action “Forward as attachment”. That will include the unmodified original message as an attachment.

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