Got 2 office365 accounts in but not the 3rd

Since last week, I can no longer use Bluemail as my email client on my phone. So trying k-9. First account would not connect properly. So I tried a 2nd. It connected and works fine. So I tried a 3rd. And it connected and works fine. So I tried the 1st again. Then I think I spotted the problem. The 2nd and 3rd accounts are not microsoft365 accounts where as the 1st is. 365 account name is the same as the email address needed in the outlook.office365 address field. So the login goes to officelive or something like that, then switches to and wants me to log into my office365 account when my email is at godaddy

The 2nd and 3rd account got there. Is there a way to force this? I would really, really prefer to use k-9 as I am a faithful Thunderbird user. Setup is virtually identical.

Hope you can help. Thanx in advance.