Going to Newer Email after Delete

Dell Latitude 5400 Chromebook / Version 117.0.5938.157 (Official Build) (64-bit)
K-9 Mail v. 6.603
One POP3 account

If this has been answered before, please direct me accordingly.

Suppose I have four emails in the Inbox.

1 and 2 are older and already read. 3 and 4 are unread, with 4 being the newest. I read 3 and delete it. Then K-9 automatically opens 2, which I have already read. I would like it to go to 4 instead, the immediately prior newest unread email. If there is a setting to enable this behavior, I don’t know where it is. Any assistance appreciated. Thanks.

Right now the app tries to be too clever when deciding which message to open next. In future versions you’ll be able to better configure what happens when a message is deleted.

Right now the available settings are:

  • Settings → General settings → Interaction → Return to list after delete
  • Settings → General settings → Interaction → Show next message after delete

You probably want to uncheck both settings.

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Thank you. I will try this as soon as I have a “stack” of mixed previously-read and new emails. I have K-9 set so that it does not automatically delete emails from the server when I download them via POP3, because I have multiple ways of accessing this account from various applications on different platforms. I do have K-9 set to delete from the server if I delete in K-9, which works for me, to delete permanently no longer wanted and obsolete “stuff.” I do not use IMAP on K-9 because I know literally nothing about IMAP beyond how to spell it. I use POP3, because that is all I know.

IMAP is not difficult. You could even add your POP account as IMAP to your K-9 and try it out. The most likely outcome is one that has you wondering why you didn’t start using IMAP twenty years ago. :wink:

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Sorry for the delayed response. I have been ill. When you say I could “add [my] POP account as IMAP,” do you mean doubling up that account, once as POP3 and once as IMAP, both at the same time, or delete the POP3 account and add it back as IMAP? That is not clear to me.

I was suggesting adding, not replacing, the same account configured as IMAP. You would probably want to pause any retrieval schedules you have set on the POP version. I don’t expect that it will take long before you decide to delete the POP instance from your K-9.