Getting no messages into my Inboxes

I have just got a new Telephone (Samsung A53) and wanted to install K9 mail because of the plans to integrate with Thunderbird which I use ubder Windows.
My problem is:
I have two email adresses and I cannot see the contence of either of the e-mail adresses inbox nor the combined one while I can send an e-mail from one of them to the other which is clearly received (as seen under windows in thunderbird.
Neither could I find the possibility to let the e-mail also within my providers inbox for reading by the other system.
I do have checked the WIFI passwords for the IMAP.

This is exactly my problem. Sends emails fine but empty inbox. Ill keep an eye on any answers.

Hi, some questions

  • which version of K9
  • which email provider
  • it seems that you are using IMAP - did you get any error message when you set the incoming server?
  • please check Folder settings for INBOX - what do you see there?
  • did you enable poll or push?

Version : Last weekend.
Provider : KPN which uses addresses.
IMAP : No I didn’t got messages when entering the e-mail adres, and password and so on.
The last two questions I do not understand what you mean.

please be specific on the k-9 version - “last weekend” is relative - see “settings/about”.

what are the specific settings for your incoming mail server - see “settings/[account]/fetching mail/incoming server”:

  • imap server
  • security
  • port
  • authentication

the android version number might also be useful.

K9 mail Version 6.202
Android 12 993

  • please check Folder settings for INBOX - what do you see there?

Open the side bar with swipe from left, got to Manage Folders, what is set here for the Inbox folder? Display class, poll class, push class, notification class, …

  • did you enable poll or push?

Settings / <account> / Fetch mail
Here settings for Folder pull frequence, pull folders, push folders, …

Have you confirmed that the emails actually still are on the server using webmail (not your desktop mail client)? It might be possible that Thunderbird on your desktop deletes the emails from the server (but keeps showing them in the inbox folder). I think deleting messages from the server is the default for POP3 (because that’s how POP3 was designed to be used), but there is probably also an option to do that with IMAP.

To ByteHamster:
I have looked at theWebmail page of my e-mail adresses and the mails are there. In thunderbird I set that the e-mails will stay there for about 1 week. On my wives phone when see reads them they stay in the webmail for 1 month. In IMAP it is the same.
To stphn:
Imap : I just found that my provider changed the IMAP name in the past but I just usedthe wrong information On one of the two accounts I use I now see the incoming mail but On the other I cannot find the setting of that account to edit that one

You say that you have changed IMAP folder name mapping for one account and then it worked? Was that for the Inbox folder?
Mh… to be honest I do not see how to select/change the mapping for Inbox folder… how did you change that?

And the same is not working for another account - but the same mail provider?

from what i found, there seems to be some confusion at the provider level between and - with switching between the two not done transparently in some comtexts. so, i think the op may need to use the settings in order to get to their mail.