Folder names using t-online account

my @magenta imap account from provider t-online uses german folder names: Papierkorb, Entwürfe, Gesendet etc.
K9 shows them in englisch, trash, drafts, sent…

All other email apps I tried last time are using german folder names, except K9…?

Welcom here!

What the MUA (Mail User Agent, i.e. K-9 in this case) and the imap server calls the folder does not necessarily match. This is not a problem. The imap server folder names are not standardized.

The mapping between the K-9 folders and the imap server folder names is configured in “Hamburger menu / Settings / [account] / Folders”.

Hi, how / where can I change this settings or no chance for enduser ?
I dont know Hamburger menue??

Google “Hamburger menu” please. It is in the top left corner.

Sorry, found and know, but under 6.602 no way found changing folder names from english to german…
Documentation I found seems to be with older versions…

Hallo martinleben,
any more idea how to solve?
Or are you with me, that K9 is here unaible to support ?

K-9 Mail displays the folder names as they are on the server. If you’re seeing non-German names (in K-9 Mail), it means your provider is not using German folder names. Maybe their web interface is translating the folder names to German. But the server itself is using the names you see in K-9 Mail.

If you wish to see different names in K-9 Mail, you have to rename the folders on the server.

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Thank you!!
but… ALL OTHER email apps display them in german… so I suggest, K9 should be more flexible or an UI with change option…

by the way: Thunderbird (Windows 10) does display all folders in german, too…

I think K9 App will be Thunderbird App soon. Is there a request known for K9 development team?