Folder can't be removed from App


I am using K9 on my Andorid phone.
I use IMAP to access to my mails. Now I experimented with VBA to created folder automatically. Worked fine and the folders were visible on my Outlook and on my phone (K9). After I had removed the folder from Outlook and from the provider they still existing on K9 folder structure. Folder syncronisation did not help. I see the folder on K9 on my Android only.
How can I rid of of this folders?

Thanks in advance
D. Sigulla

I believe this is only a display issue. Refreshing the folder list should work, but the old folder list is still displayed in the user interface. If you exit all screens of the app using the back button (or kill the process), the updated folder list should be displayed the next time you open the app.

The bug will be fixed in the next stable version.

Hi cketti,

very thanks for the fast responds. I am looking forward to the next stable release. It is not really disturbing and I can live with it in the mean time.
D. Sigulla