Failure of Unified Inbox to show all emails from all accounts

This morning I opened K9 as usual expecting to see all my email in the unified inbox but they were NOT all there. I have several accounts and the one email in one account did not show up in the unified inbox at all. This is one email I get every Monday morning which is how I know it was missing. Navigating to the relevant account I could see the email.

Now if this Unified Inbox is so great this is a huge show stopper and makes this less than worthless.

If I had the old screen showing with all my accounts this would have eliminated the problem as I would have seen the correct location of all my emails immediately following refreshing the inboxes.


You can configure what folders should be included in the Unified Inbox by (un)checking Manage folders > [Folder] > Unify.

OK so what you are saying is that when the update auto-installed I had a useless Unified Inbox because none of my 7 other accounts had this flag set. There was no warning at all that this was needed. How on earth was I supposed to know this without clear instructions on the first run of the program? You simply cannot assume I would know this and this must have been an issue to everyone who has more than one account.

This is very bad indeed and sloppy design of the update.


By default the Inbox of a newly set up account is included in the Unified Inbox. I’m sure there could have been bugs in previous versions (maybe even in 5.8xx versions) where this didn’t always happen.

You’re more than welcome to help developing K-9 Mail to make sure things like this don’t happen in the future.


I would normally be happy to help by testing however unless there is any likelihood of having an option to show the original screen where all my accounts show as the default it is not something I would be prepared to do as the app now as it is is not fit for purpose for me.

You seem to be ignoring all those users like me who would like the option to change the default to return to the original way of working my only option is to downgrade the app to the old version while I search for a replacement which does what I require.


Thank you ** broadstairs** !

My Unified Inbox also mysteriously stopped working at some point, and this was my problem. I doubt I would have found this fix without you.