Exception while adding a attachment, while forwarding the email

Hi Good Evening,

we have a k9 based email app in android, here we are trying to add attachments while forwarding mail.
but whenever we are adding the attachments we get the below exception:

com.fsck.k9.activity.misc.Attachment cannot be cast to com.fsck.k9.mailstore.AttachmentViewInfo

Received a simple mail(Without attachments) ,tried to forward the mail and then before sending added a attachment and then clicked on send.
and we got the above error


Manually adding an attachment to a forwarded message seems to work fine in K-9 Mail. So this doesn’t seem to be a bug in our code.

My experience with projects based on K-9 Mail is that the people behind them rarely (and by that I mean almost never) contribute anything back to the open source project. For that reason I stopped answering such questions for free. However, I’m be available for paid consulting. If that is something that could be interesting to you, please feel free to email me at hello@cketti.de.

Of course I only speak for myself. Maybe someone who is able to help will jump in and provide an answer for you.