Error "Message too large for server"

Getting same error here as well.

Message to large for server. "

@davetressel: That doesn’t look like the same message to me at all. “Message too large for server” means you’re trying to send an email that is larger than what your outgoing mail server has indicated as the maximum size of a message you’re allowed to send.

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Heres the problem with that. Im not sending ANY email at all from this app. I havent sent email from K9 in at least a week or more. So what would cause it to think I was sending any?

Tapping the notification will open the Outbox folder. It should contain the message that failed to send.

As an update. I deleted emails from OUTBOX which seem to “reappeared” in that mailbox (sent weeks ago) and the recurring message has stopped (it was reappearing everytime I erased it).

Messages that are still in the Outbox most likely weren’t sent. You may have tried to send them weeks ago. But sending them failed with the error that is now displayed.

In previous versions of K-9 Mail we only displayed the error message once, right after sending the message had failed. Now we display it every time the app tries to send messages for as long as the message that failed to send is still in the Outbox.

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