Encryption broken?

After Open keychain got an update on F-Droid.

I think K9 Mail crashes when it tries to interact with it.

Replying to an email crashes, because I have draft encryption enabled. There is no prompt in the app to ask for PGP permission or anything.

When opening an encrypted email there is the PGP pop up asking for access to the key, I type the PGP password and I can read the email.

Still, replying to an email will still crash.

After disabling draft encryption, I still cannot reply. Crashing persists.

Only after fully disabling end to end encryption do I get to the reply screen and I can type and send emails normally.

K9 Mail version is 6.711

OpenKeychain version is 6.0.0

Both installed from F-Droid on Android 13 running ArrowOS on a Poco F4

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You have emptied the key cache and restarted both apps (or you phone)?

In K-9, try reselecting the key associated with the account that keeps crashing the app after you have cleared the key cache.

If it still doesn’t work, provide a crash log with a ticket over at the git repository.

K9 6.716 has a fix to prevent a crash while interacting with OpenKeychain 6.0.0

See OpenKeyChain fails as encryption provider for K9-Mail with a `NullPointerException` in `selectUserIdStatusByEmailLike` · Issue #2881 · open-keychain/open-keychain · GitHub